I negotiate a tangible object from the elusive thoughts stored in the shoeboxes in my head.

A day can be filled by committing a memory to a pliable material that often vexes and astonishes and challenges, sometimes with complete disregard to the mastery I believe to hold.

The irony of this existence is that the process of making art is most often a solitary, personal pursuit, yet the eventual product is wrought to connect ourselves with others. Creating a work to share with a stranger and inspire wonder, anger, contemplation and understanding.

I work to feel less alone.

It is important for me to express my immense gratitude to my family for their support, encouragement and inspiration. My mother discovered early on that a little Play-Doh would calm and corral a rambunctious redhead so she could get some work done.

I am also fortunate to be a part of a diverse and vibrant studio community, whose creative, intelligent and selfless energy combats the hermitic solitude that often accompanies the artistic life.