This workshop will encourage artists to explore books as a potent source for ceramic expression. Delving into images and narratives gleaned from short stories, novel, poems, fiction or truth, an artist will then sculpt a story. We will develop a visual vocabulary of forms and textures to enhance and enrich the clay’s surface. Using clay and the creative process, we emphasize the importance of being open to possibility and creating your own personal story.

The sculptures can be based upon actual books, quotes about books, or just the fabulous escape, entertainment and education that resides within their pages. Book can become a shelf to display a story or open up to stage the story, allowing the narrative to unfold in the viewer’s mind. They can also become a reliquary, with a built in box or niche to hold special objects.

The workshop will utilize hand-building techniques and tips for constructing sculpture as a single piece or from multiple components.  Surface discussion will include the use of slip, under-glaze, glaze and post-firing art materials. The incorporation of mixed media and found objects to complete the vision will be discussed and encouraged.

Students should come prepared with several literary possibilities!